April 2017 (tardy post LOL)

I couldnt've imagined that April would've been busier than March but it most certainly was!  I'm sure to forget to include all the details I had been able to recall on the prior moths entries but I'll give ya'll the highlights.


Week one was FULL of preparation for our Omaha Book Release Party and Spring Gala. The proverbial calm before the storm.


The Gala & Book Release Party was a tremendous success!  We enjoyed a time to get all spruced up and enjoy one another's company.  So from 5-7p we hung out at the Gala and I enjoyed signing books and catching up with everyone.

Then from 7:30-9:30 or so we left for the dinner portion of the night just before our 9:30-Midnight Bowling Party.  I barely hung...but I did LOL!  About 10 of us even dared to fall outta bed and cap off the weekend with an early morning breakfast buffet downtown!


I was honored to participate in a Marriage/Relationship retreat on Saturday the ?th and share excerpts from my book!  Great quaint, and engaged group!  I enjoyed...and think they did too!


Of course we enjoyed another North Omaha Book Club meeting discussing group economics and such...


We met up for our monthly fellowship brunch at the Rocket Kanteen to try the culinary delights of the notable "???I forgot her name???"


Then I was off to Chicago with a box of books to share a weekend with my extended Illinois family! 🙏🏾  All that fun just about finished wearing me out...hence the date of this monthly recap...gottr'-dun though! 💪🏽


Well...the month of May is waiting on me to pepper it up with productivity so I'll sign off and get to it!


Continued Blessings!

March 2017