March 2017

The month came roaring in with many things to do!  The first week consisted of the "regular-regular's" but also visits to both the Omaha Design Center and Founders One Nine event spaces for our forthcoming April 17 Spring Gala.  There were also a couple of real-estate meetings we entertained and (now unnecessarily) worried ourselves with visiting the local public school's headquarters as they "vetted" potential Superintendent candidates...long story...smh...

At AOS we spent a few mid-weeks seeing the Bible COME ALIVE while viewing "Africa's Great Civilizations" on PBS.ORG narrated by the illustrious Henry Louis Gates Jr. himself!  I HIGHLY recommend you spending the time to do the same sometime!  Seeing the African representation of Biblical stories is critical and paramount to receiving a divine appreciation for biblical relevancy in our hearts as American Citizens who are descendants of freed african slaves!

The second week we got our first order of books placed for a couple of National and our own Local book release parties...and for online pre-order fulfillment!  

We kinda had a debacle with our monthly fellowship luncheon being that the restaurant designate was having mechanical challenges so the group of us basically scattered about the city and dined in groups of a few or more.  This week finished up with the book trade show banner and "table dressings" designed and ordered as well.

The next week I enjoyed being a part of the North Omaha Book Club meeting for the month and greatly benefited from the financial literacy component shared!  Next we finalized the event center at Omaha Design for the April Gala and picked up the shipment of books.

The last week or so of the month we traveled to Detroit for our 1st Book Signing & Release Party sponsored and hosted by GLOW Ministries & MJM (Mike Johnson) followed by a Q & A session about the subject matter shared in the book.  This was so much fun and a tremendously humbling experience, being treated with such hospitality accompanied by such generosity!  We had a ball!  We were also blessed to attend the 8yr Anniversary & Mortgage Burning Ceremony for Jeffrey & Tamara Lane at the Light of Hope Ministry!

SIDEBAR:  So look who just happened to be in DTW the SAME weekend staying at the SAME hotel!!!?  Who is the SAME Sis of mine who DRUGGGG me through a couple of sacred halls of Detroit!  LOLOL...aaaaaannnnnd kept us up tooooooo late!  LOLOLOL! So much fun and such a welcome un-planned and un-expected blessing!!!

We returned home with a few days in the month to spare to kinda tweak our product/trade show display materials, get them designed and ordered as we feverishly finish the ground work for our upcoming April 9th Spring Gala and Omaha Book Release Party.

This was a very busy, yet PRODUCTIVE month and I'm looking forward to what April has in store for us!  I hope that you're making ground in regards to your personal objectives as well and want to just encourage you to make, track, and celebrate the incremental steps of accomplishment as you trek to your desired outcome(s). Write them down even so you can chart your progress and make lots of "to-do" notes for yourself so you'll find yourself constant taking the small measures necessary to accomplish your main and big goal!

That sums up March so off to work I go...April's here in the morning smh...

Continued Blessings!

G. Ballard Jr.

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