January 2017 in retrospect...

January 2017 in retrospect...

Wow what a month...whew!!!  I'm too tired to to submit this in the formality that I'd like to but I'm on a mission to get things done on time this year...or at lest as in this case, in time!  With an hour and 1/2 left in this first month of 2017 to be exact!

A couple of VERY significant and monumental things took place this month.  One being present as who we affectionately call "Uncle Roy" (because he's so young but acts so old...and loves the kids of course LOL) closed on his first home on the 20th!  This is EXACTLY what we exist as an organization for! 

Second to that...After "k84u5032" years in the making lol, I have finally authored and published my first book entitled "The Wedding Is Who You Want / The Marriage Is Who You Got"  I figured after over two decades of pre-marital, "mid"-marital, and unfortunately at times post-marital counseling and mediating...rather than repeating a lot of the exact same rhetoric for another battery of decades, it'd be so much wiser to write it all down, pass it across the table, and discuss whatever topics might be necessary afterward.  I wish I had done this long ago but here it's here!  I hope it helps maximize the time and efficiency of countless others who perform in the same capacity!

Next we were honored to be instrumental in facilitating the January meeting of the North Omaha Book Club at the local library and that was amazing as usual!

We also had an awesome "men in service" planning meeting that was heartwarming and super encouraging!  We all have great expectations for ourselves and those we may be able to assist this year!

We had the first (tentatively) of our monthly fellowship mid-day lunches which was a riotous occasion of course!  So much fun and in the next couple of weeks we look to have our second!

I must mention this website's revamp also was a benchmark of sorts for this first month!  It was long overdue and soooo necessary!  This is only the beginning and we hope to see it robust and thriving no later than mid year!

Well there's so much else I could (& perhaps should) say but the night and month both are far spent as am I!  I pray you had a productive January 2017 and that you command more productivity out of yourself than ever before!  I've found that it's so easy to CONSUME information...and everyone else's product(s)...in whatever form they may be!  Media, Food, Social Media, Books, Music, etc...but I found myself busting at the seams...soul-sick even, from not commanding out of me all of the ideas, inspiration(s), creativity, etc...leaping inside of me desparately needing expression!  I don't look to neglect my "gifts" like that anymore...with God's help of course!

Until this time next month...God's Speed!


February 2017 In Retrospect...